What is Transtar?

About company: Transtar is the first ISO certified Travel Coach Company. This company started their service in 1994. The main theme of this company is to satisfy the customer needs.  This Transtar satisfies more customers’ needs, so it keeps the […]

Which is the Best Train to Kuala Lumpur?

About Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur is the big metropolitan city. This is the central place of the business district in Malaysia. It deals with lot of business projects. Not only it is a business district but also it is one […]

707 inc Bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands

If you are planning to have a beautiful holiday and you are visiting Singapore then you must go to Genting highlands. It is beautiful turtle shaped island and it is also often called the pearl of the orient. This place […]

Things to Consider on Booking Bus from Singapore to Penang

If you’re looking to travel from Singapore to Penang, then it is very important to book for your tickets earlier to prevent missing of trip or inconvenience. At the same time, there are so many bus companies available in these […]

How Modern Bus Fleet Operates

Modern and sophisticated are only some of the impressions you have when you see the Plusliner bus and fleets. The bus is tall and big. With the double-decker construction, passengers are given the options to sit on the top or […]

The Perfect Reason Why to Choose the Bus from Singapore to Port Dickson

Thinking about a good holiday could be so hard but it’s not that hard actually. Especially, when you decided to spend some little times in one beautiful foreign country to another beautiful foreign country. For example, you want to start […]

The Easiness while Traveling

The biggest advantage of living in this modern era is the easiness and simplicity in doing things. We have a developed technology that makes everything possible and doable. We have the internet connection that opens a new door to the […]

Easybook and a Better Traveling Management

Have you ever had a bus ride? Have you ever traveled from one city to another with the bus? Have you ever had a trip moving from one country to another with the bus? If you haven’t, this is the […]

The Best Bus from Singapore to Ipoh You Should Choose

When we have a perfect backpacker traveling time, we need to know and make sure that we will get the easiest to get transportation and also the cheap one. For you who want to go from Singapore to Ipoh, Malaysia, […]

Affordable Online Ticket Booking to Legoland

How do you spend your holiday? Do you plan to go abroad to enjoy the time and having fun abroad? Malaysia can be your great option as they offer a superb and amazing spot. If you love Nature, you can […]

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